Thinking art

Thinking art

To see Scotland-based artist C K Purandare’s work on world events, literary characters and his other musings, visit Sudarshan Hall from July 22 to August 5, writes Tania Roy

‘All we have been doing..’
‘no subtext’
‘All we have been doing..’ by C K Purandare
‘no subtext’ by C K Purandare

It’s unconventional art and makes you sit up and think of what’s happening around you and the world at large. The firing at Nandigram, Iraq war, the attack on World Trade Centre, slavery, child labour, illiteracy… C K Purandare keeps himself abreast of current affairs, which is deeply reflected in his paintings.

When the Scotland-based artist Purandare displayed his works the last time in Pune at Sudarshan Hall, a spectator wept when he saw a frame depicting a child in her father’s arms, who is a soldier. The title of the art-work read: ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’. A rather thought-provoking title, but most of Purandare’s works are similar in nature. Says the artist, ‘‘ That was such a moving gesture.’’

Purandare, once again, brings his interesting art to Pune, to be displayed at Sudarshan Hall from July 22 to August 5.

Purandare’s foray into art happened only after six years of active engineering, and he got involved in social research and decided to pursue MA in sociology , embarking on his new phase in life. His first painting was that of 9/11 attack on WTO in 2001. Iterates he, ‘‘ With the gradual disillusionment over verbal communication, I felt the need of a visual medium to express myself. Hence, my art is a means of communication; it has nothing to do aesthetics and I do not go by conventional rules.’’

Purandare’s artwork is primarily divided into two categories – Art People and Art Other. A look at his web-site , and you have a fair idea of what his works entail. Routine, Undercurrents, Pathology and Marginalised – the various galleries on site in Art People essentially depict people’s issues showing human figures.
Art Other, which has Musings, Portrayals, Abstractions and Miscellaneous paintings, includes images, which are interpretations of literary characters, and some are also philosophical in nature. The paintings are self-explanatory, but the artist provides enough information about each artwork on site and also includes viewers’ comments.

In acrylic and oil on canvas and paper, Purandare documents collective miseries of people and investigates social pathology behind it. For the past year he has also been writing a series of articles on international issues for the marathi publication Anubhav. Besides, he has written on ‘Drug trade in Latin America’ for Andolan, a publication produced by social activist Medha Patkar.

He has been living in Scotland for the past 11 years and has been show-casing his work in several group/solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and elsewhere. His artwork has also made it to book covers and other publications abroad.

About exhibiting his works and response of viewers, he says, ‘‘My art is not limited to galleries. I have devised ways - through my site and CD-ROMs – to reach art to people, making then aware of these issues.’’ Purandare has also conducted several seminars and workshops.
To see this thinking artist’s work, head to Sudarshan Hall, Shaniwar Peth, from 4 to 8 pm. Purandare will be available at the gallery for interaction with visitors.

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