Exhibition in Pune, India - Dec 19, 2004 - Jan 2, 2005

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Pune Show
Pune Show
Pune Show

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Visitors' comments
I start looking inward. What next? This question tortures me. Isn’t the world outside as close to me as your paintings? - Gauri Konge

When I witness an event, my mind acts upon it. This process has echoes on the sub-conscious. Now I can no longer afford to ignore the pictorial script that gets written subsequently. This is what I feel intensely on seeing the exhibition. - Sandesh Kulkarni

Thought-provoking inter-play of illusions of mind, society, country and thinking global. - Sudha Chinchalkar

Makes everyone think. Wakes up those suffocating in their own little worlds. A nerve-wrecking experience.
- Tejas Joshi

This exhibition is a slap in the face for ‘artists’. - Sunil Bhogde

All the paintings have a strong underpinning of social conscience. They are quite clear and explicit in stating the problems. I wish the artist had also shown some solutions. - Mrinalini S Kenjale

The solid content of each painting goes straight to the heart. In understanding a particular painting , ignorance about particular local context doesnot come in way because pain is universal. Eyes in Purandare’s paintings speak so much. A great exhibition. - Jayant Duvedi

You have handled an altogether different subject matter from the routine paintings. The accompanying explanatory notes are an integral part of the paintings and are very helpful. The exhibition shakes the viewer to the core. Thank you. - Shivanandan Shrikrishna Devgaonkar, Income-Tax Officer

You have explained so many topics concisely and still very effectively. The paintings are heart-rending and are like a slap in the face, forcing one to think. Your very high level of thinking and considerable study of the subject matter make the exhibition very impressive. - C D Kharadkar

Like the great Saint Dnyaneshwar, you have set your sights on talking of the miseries of the whole world. You are telling us your comments. We will certainly be guided by this vision. Thanks a million for showing such enlightening work in Pune. The presentation is very beautiful. Very serious subjects and very sharp reflections on contemporary society. Some paintings literally made me cry. Particularly ‘Off to kill some-one else’s father’. Your ideas are very laudable, your colour scheme is fantastic. You should hold such exhibitions in many cities. I am sure they will go a long way towards raising of social awareness. Especially in showing the correct path to the wayward youth and society in general. - Shekhar Khedkar, Artist

Let peace and harmony prevail in the world. That is what your paintings tell us. ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’ is a very touching painting. Your paintings speak with life. - Deepak Sutar

We hardly get to see paintings like these. In today’s world, paintings are done only for commercial purpose.
- V M Niphadkar

All paintings are concerned with social issues. They are very powerful in conveying to us what the artist wants to convey. Purandare’s social awareness is acute and poignant. His choice of this medium does carry the message to the common man. - Dr Kiran Nargolkar

First of all let me congratulate you on this new venture of yours – painting. Your paintings are very lively. Great attention has been paid to proportions as well. One can make out the in-depth understanding of each of the subject you handle. Thank you. - K S Faujdar

A very realistic depiction through the medium of painting. Very conscientising thoughts. - Ashwini Kulkarni

You have done beautiful paintings. Who taught to you to paint? - Pranjali Rajeev Barve, 3rd Standard, Class E, School - NMV

Each painting can have many meanings. It all depends on the prejudices, pre-dispositions of the viewer and what he is thinking of at the time of viewing the picture. Your paintings bring this fact of diversity of human nature to the fore. - Miss Priya Gokhale

While viewing your work, sometimes I feel the paintings speak a verbal language…but sometimes the paintings come out of the language…Line-work and colours grab the attention and make the subject clear. Atmosphere has also been created well in the paintings. You have read quite a lot, I can make out. It was a pleasure to see the exhibition. Thanks - Amol

Lovely paintings you got here. The wide range of subjects you handle tells us about your deep academic interests as well. I wish you all the success in your artistic future. - Amol Tuwar, Student, Painting Course, Bharati Vidyapeeth

Excellent. A must-see for everybody. An eye-opener as to how bitter the pill of truth indeed is. - Manohar Kshirsagar

Everybody has such thoughts, only a painter can state them on canvas. Congratulations on a nice presentation.
- Mohan Jadhav

I greatly enjoyed viewing your work. Your tie-up of art and reality is really remarkable. Everyone must have a look at this exhibition. Congratulations on such a splendid display. - Kamalakar N Deshpande

Very thought-provoking body of work. A laudable project. - S M Kemkar

Your paintings talk to us directly. ‘Now we can afford Depression’ is our everyday reality. And we cannot change it. ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’ is superb, talks straight to heart. As if Country, borders, war…..all were empty shells. ‘Prophets…’. Yes, it happens like this. Their shadows are becoming more menacing everyday.
- Anil Deshmukh

Very touching paintings. I cannot describe my feelings. - Sumati Bhalerao

Very apt depiction with social awareness as the theme. Best wishes to the artist. - Mrs Kharche, Artist

It is amazing that you have had no background in painting. Your work on social and political situation is obviously very well thought out. It appeals to the heart and prods one to think. - Mahendra Dhoble, Student ,Abhinav

Very interesting, thought-provoking work. Wishing you all the best and a very long innings.!
- V Ramchandran, Artist

I saw the exhibition. The information as to what each painting is about is very useful. Exhibition is very good. May your art prosper. - S H Kawathekar

Mr Purandare’s paintings are show-casing the contrary reality of life and makes a strong statement regarding the current state of affairs worldwide. - R G Patil

All the paintings are superb. They appeal straight to the viewer’s heart. Words fall short to state the reaction. Congratulations. - Sarala Kemkar

It surely appeals to your awareness, it has an emotive quality. It reminded me of Van Gogh without his strokes!
- Smita Deshpande

Thought-provoking. - Mrs Palkar

I like the fact that you selected painting as a medium for social commentary. - Miss Mohini Joshi

Each painting conveys great intensity of emotion. Your paintings talk of your concern about social issues. At the same time you have kept the ‘art’-content quite in tact. - Vijay

I am a student and it used to take a very long time for me to understand a painting. Many times I would not understand any part of the painting. But having seen your exhibition, only now do I realise how deeply meaningful each painting can be. I really liked your exhibition from the bottom of my heart. ‘bravado’ is my most favourite painting. - Kiran

Very eloquent work. Very beautiful. Very original ideas. - Dilip

Excellent. - Suhas Chincholikar

I liked all the paintings. Each piece talks to me. Your narration with the painting is very helpful. I too like to draw and paint. I pray to god for all the success to you. - Anagha Deshpande

All the paintings are great. I liked the themes underlying each painting very much. - Dr Vinay Gorhe

Each painting puts forth a problem. Each makes you think. One can make out Purandare’s study of politics, social sciences, economics….I wish him all the success in his efforts. And my blessings. - Saroj Kondhvikar

What I like most is that each painting has social content. More than medium, paint, etc., what you want to convey – the thought - comes across straight and with force. According to me, paintings are mightier than words. Your work corroborates my thinking. Words are always inadequate. I hope these paintings go towards raising social awareness without language as a barrier. Thank you - Meenal

We like your paintings very much indeed. Each painting is unique in what it tells. Hoping that you continue to paint like this in future as well. - R P Thorat

You have your own style of painting. You mention you belong to ‘outsider art’. I cannot understand this. This is sheer arrogance of the establishment artists. Artists out of the mainstream have contributed to a great extent in building up the society. - Madhav Phadke

Your paintings reach out straight to the viewer’s heart. They are very beautiful as well. Words cannot describe the impact they have. Only one thing about them can be said with certainty – each painting is unique and still shows the horrible reality in present times. - Ajay Rakate

Lots of people paint. But it is very difficult to observe the society and present the observations on the truths of life to people. Your work does that. All your paintings are content-rich. I liked them very much. Best Luck.
Sanjay Ghade, G D Art Com

The exhibition challenges the idea that paintings are for entertainment. It makes everyone think and appeals forcefully to the heart. - Anil Dikshit

You have conveyed your thoughts very effectively. I am very impressed by this exhibition. - Dinkar Jadhav

You have not forgotten Marathi language even after so many years abroad. I am very glad to note this. Your paintings are very beautiful. The depiction, the colour compositions are superb. They are very delightful. They trigger many thoughts and make one see within. Thank you - Ashish Nakhare

I was in the 5th standard then. Once I could not do a painting correct and the teacher beat me till I bled. Since then I always thought painters to be a cruel lot. My salute to that teacher who drove colours in paintings out of my life.
My salute to you for restoring that faith. - Rajeev, 10th standard

Colour combinations in the paintings, the content that the colours convey and the accompanying text – all make a superb viewing. I was overwhelmed while seeing the paintings. This is a measure of the success of the exhibition and the artist. Best wishes - Rashmi Katdare

Fantastic - Dr J S Hiremath

Paintings are generally thought to be entertaining. But your work shows the reality of the world. You have been greatly successful in sharing your thoughts. I liked the paintings very much indeed. - R Pansare

For a simple viewer like me the paintings have been really heart-rending as most of them depict the present problems that a simple man faces in this world. ‘off to kill another father’ , ‘Inequality’ , ‘Some doors are always closed’ are really saying something to us. - Z R

Thanks for giving an opportunity to see something different from usual art exhibitions. And provoking to think about the world around. - Ram Darade

Colour composition in all the paintings is very attractive. Each painting says something to heart. All paintings speak to me. - Sanjay Kamble

All paintings are excellent. More than the pictures I love the theme and the way you put it across. Of course, the paintings are very good. I can relate with your thinking…. - Triveni Barbhai

Your paintings are very beautiful. Your ideas are so different. Each painting speaks volumes. Poverty speaks somewhere, somewhere wars within are telling us something…….. I wish you all the best that you continue creating such new work and lead us all to the hidden depths of life. - Yogini

When one reads articles, short stories, novels, drama one gets the idea of the contents. You have done a similar job through your lovely pictures using the medium of paints. This experiment is very beautifully done. - Sateesh

Very lively paintings on burning issues and very current topics. About people who undergo endless miseries. Very eloquent, very beautiful paintings. - Dr Vaijayanti Bapat

I have been puzzling over ‘composition’ in modern paintings for quite a while now. I did not know anything about it. I am a student of Abhinav Arts College. I asked my teacher about it. But he avoided answering me – ‘this topic comes much later’. The moment I saw your work, the explanations with the paintings clarified this whole issue to me to some extent. I had just heard that composition entails ‘colour meaning'. The exhibition filled up a lot of gaps in my understanding. I liked the exhibition very much. - A Kathade

I am very happy to see this totally different exhibition on social issues. I had never seen such paintings before. The tremendous efforts you have taken in bringing this about while living out of India deserve great appreciation. I hope to see more such shows in future. With best wishes - Rajeev

‘Off to kill someone else’s father’ is a very disturbing painting. All the paintings are very thought-provoking. Cream of society why not loyal to society? Are you saying this through your paintings? - Shrikant Palatanwale

I was so impressed by seeing all these paintings. I never saw pictures drawn like these, so beautifully. I am impressed. Thanks! - A Kulkarni

The paintings here are very beautiful. They are a bit different from the usual paintings. The description by the painting helped me in understanding them. Both the text and the painting go well together. Wishing you all the best for future. - Vivek V Sarpotdar

The pictures in the exhibition are very beautiful. I am quite attracted by them. So are my friends. I want to learn drawing but alas, I am not from here. - M Petkar

I learn from these paintings that I need to draw a lot more. - S Dhumale

All the paintings are meaningful. They compel you to think. They throw light on so many social issues, they increase awareness. - Praveen Borge

Each painting tells us what is happening in the world and why it is happening so. You tell us how to behave responsibly. We were very happy to see your work and meet you, Sir, that you are teaching something the world.
- Shekhar Kalshetty, Atul Karle

The artist wants to tell something to the society through each painting. His intensity is obvious. Each painting comes with a new subject. Each painting has a very deep meaning but it would depend upon the viewer what take-home message he gets. - Suresh Gulage

This is a very beautiful exhibition. The most poignant and sensitive painting is ‘ Off to kill someone else’s father’. It is a very thought-provoking painting. I wish the exhibition a great success and hope that Purandare continues to work on contemporary social issues in future. - S Khole

Excellent. It gives us a pictorial view of the books we read or do not read. It is concerned with the present scenario of our country as well as the world. Everyone is aware of it but cannot view it. Mr C K Purandare has done an excellent job to show the country/ people to face the current problem and it also makes us aware about other countries, harshment [sic] and violation in these surroundings. The book ‘Operation Yamu’ is good and also the title – ‘History repeats with a tragedy’. - Sadashiv

Composition and mood in each painting are very beautiful, each painting touches the heart. Very Nice. - Alok

It is heart-rending to see the depiction of the moral fall of the society, social conscience reflected in the paintings.
Use of colour accentuates the subject matter, brings it into sharp focus. This exhibition makes everyone look inward. Many greetings to Chandrashekhar Purandare. Wish he continues his art-project like this and produces many more paintings to make people think hard. - Sachin S K

You have given the picture-form to the happenings in contemporary society – a very praise-worthy project. Composition in your paintings is very good and very beautiful. I hope to see many more such exhibitions and wish you all the best. - Tushar

I just loved the paintings. - Prashant Raskar

Great - Kiran Kher

Wonderful depiction. Amazing skill to express the nooks and corners of human emotions through the medium of painting. - Madhav Keskar

Excellent! The human condition and the human emotions are shown in a way that touches the heart [and soul]. But the description should not be there………let the paintings talk themselves.. - M Pramod

Congratulations to Chandrashekhar Purandare. He is an engineer but has a real urge to paint. Paintings could be bigger than these. Do let me know of any future shows. I can relate with the subjects you deal with in the paintings.
All the best. - Nandkumar Pisal

All paintings are very meaningful. Still, the right to say No is the biggest of the rights. If one considers oneself as a father figure, the same right can be used very effectively. - Ashok Deshpande

I am an art teacher. Your paintings are very purposeful. The message-content comes across very strongly. I can learn a lot from each painting. I have picked up quite a few hints from them. Use of colours is very powerful. I wish you best for all your ventures. - P S Palgalli

The pictures depicting ‘Naked Truth’ are really thought-provoking. They really compel the viewer to think and think again. Especially ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’ is marvellous. I had never seen such unique paintings before , each telling a message compulsorily. Thanking you for opening this treasure to the common people.
- Suresh Khairnar

The subject matter of your painting is definitely different. I had never seen paintings by a journalist before. Still, one meets the artist alongwith the journalist in your paintings. This is remarkable. - Rekha Rairikar

Each painting goes straight to the heart. The background of each is very appealing. Yet, one is reminded of the mystery of existence. We hope you continue painting like this and show us your very tempting work. Wishing you all the best for future shows. - Manchak Kale, Deepak Halkanche, Ramdas Gaekwad

Very realistic and introspective series, very rare these days. Has a lot of potential in each painting and a message for the youth. - Dr Mrs Rajesh Kaushal

How much does a common man know about pantings! Still, Purandare’s paintings agitate the mind intensely. These paintings are not just for viewing but for brooding and ruminating and thinking about. - Prof V G Godbole

‘Beyond words’ - J Sabane

Very rich-in-content paintings. Seeing the exhibition was a real brain-storming session. It would have had the same effect if the titles and explanatory notes were not there with the paintings. - A A Desai [ model maker]

All the paintings are very realistic and exceptionally beautiful. They touch verious aspects of life. - J S Kulkarni

These three dimensional paintings are by an intellectual , produced after considerable thought. They tell us about the mysteries of life and make us think. Given the limited time in which one sees them, it is impossible to digest all you are saying. Still, all the paintings are in a definite direction of thought and they all touch the soul. - A A Kulkarni

It is nice. I continue to think about all of them and try to relate them somewhere to the daily life. It is really good.
- K Vrindavan

This is beyond imagination. Very powerful thoughts have been expressed in paintings. Very beautiful. Words are quite inadequate to describe it. - Y Thite

I liked the paintings. But why the titles? - Nandu Pol, stage actor

Very contemporary and something I could relate to/ with. Especially the hazy colours in ‘Ruminating’ and a few others. Very personally [I do not wish to offend] I would have liked to see them without their footnotes. For me, the notes make a pre-empted comment on the painting and I tend to READ before I SEE. - Anupam Bose

The paintings have the tremendous agitation in posters of a young, revolutionary pressure group. Many are like posters. They come with the gloss of the TV channel images, and may play into their hands, really.
- Suhas Joshi, stage actor

No one has yet succeeded in limiting human imagination. These paintings are like such limiting boundaries. This is a live demonstration of the power of painting. - Prathamesh Mungi

Extremely enriching experience! I hope I will get to see a lot more such meaningful work [ and may be someday create too] in the future. Looking forward to more work from Mr Purandare. Thank you - Monisha

Superlatively beautiful paintings. Your intense involvement with social issues is obvious. I like ‘Media and Us’ the best. - Ranjit Patil

This exhibition shows that Mr Purandare’s ideas have taken a concrete form. The happenings around us are manifest in front of our eyes. He has been quite successful in this attempt. - R R Pawar

Very imaginative and fascinating work. - G H Damle

First time I saw such a unique body of work. I really appreciated the paintings more because of the titles and footnotes. Appreciating Art may not need such education, but with Purandare’s paintings one can see the point. He has displayed the social issues through his paintings. I liked the exhibition very much. I wish all the best in life for Chandrashekhar Purandare. May your art-venture continue to grow. - Shashikat Dattatraya Dhere, ATD, G D Art
I experienced the social and political events in daily life through your paintings. These paintings speak to me.
- Mahesh Deshpande

I feel - more than expressing one’s thoughts, expressing them boldly is more important in the interests of society.
You have this motivation and it is important than the technical aspects of painting. My best wishes. - Vishal Edke

Your paintings speak so much to me. We need eyes to see them, which, luckily, god has given us. I was in tears seeing your work. I felt - what I see, if these hands of mine could produce such work…. - Ketan Lunkad

Lovely paintings on social issues. Great use of colours. You have your own style. - UGK

When I am watching the pictures, I am thinking of film. I am a theatre student and I get many ideas about the location and site, how it should be related to scene. Thanking you - Nagesh Waghmare, BA Drama

Texture and colour composition of paintings convey the rich content very effectively. Touched my soul. Thanks a lot - Ravindra Jadhav B A III Drama

Excellent. Cannot praise this enough. You hit the bull’s eye in depiction of social issues through this medium after serious thought. Exceptionally captivating. All the best for future plans. - Shardul Lihine

The true nature of life and how to start thinking about it – you tell this to us very systematically. Your colour choice and combinations are very apt. Results of your introspection are very clearly shown in the paintings. These pictures talk and explain the mysteries of life. All the best. - Abhijit Kadhane

Social concerns dormant in human mind have been expressed very clearly. Human beings do not treat other human-beings with dignity. This theme has been very beautifully put forth in the exhibition. Well done performance. Best of luck - Ranajit Rupnavar

Excellent, superb, words cannot express the reaction. - Rahul Kamble

Powerful art of translating thoughts to canvas. - Mukund Kondvikar

Your social conscience, concerns about your own country even while living abroad are very sharp. Excellent work.
- Yogeshwar Gandhe

Superb. Each piece has a new expression. Each makes you think. Each broadens your vision. Each conscientises you. - Amit

I was really overwhelmed by the paintings. The subject-matter is truly powerful. Each painting has something unique about it. For a moment mind switches from the painting to that subject-matter, the reality as you show it.
Particularly the commentaries in both the languages along with the paintings make you think very hard.
Wish you a very happy new year and may your art continue to prosper with equal out-pouring of your soul in each piece of work. - Tara Rajaram Deshpande

Beautiful pictures. Each piece handles a different subject. Intensity behind each piece is heart-rending. We see things so superficially. You show how deep they are, what they really mean. Lots of pictures show emotions of people very true-to-life. They tell mysterious tales. They make me think. This body of work is very very impressive.
- Jyoti Deshpande

Your expression is very rich in content, very beautiful, it screams with pain, it shows your courage. Everybody has problems, everybody’s heart is churned but you tell us a lot. And problems do have soluions. - Suhas Wagle

You show the conflicts, chaos and exploitation all over the world very effectively through your art-work. It is a very eloquent exhibition. Best Wishes - Vasant Kulkarni

It seems you have so much to say and painting seems to be the say for you. Good work. - Gani Gavelli

Made me introspect. - Chandrashekhar Phansalkar

Lovely paintings. Particularly ideas behind the paintings. - Shrikat Kadam

All paintings are very beautiful and meaningful. The most I like is – ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’. - Varsha

Purandare’s vision of the world and life is definitely different and looking inward. With wonderful presentation of colours and shapes he has expressed this vision and the reality beutifully. - Sanjay Davalbhakt

This is different style – of stating social thought through painting. - Amrita Desai

Amazingly titled great paintings! On which you can think for hours. - Sneha

Purandare’s paintings are closer to graphic design and illustrations. Sometimes text in the paintings jars.
- Shrikant Ekbote

I think the artist has been successful in communicating his feeling through the paintings. My best of luck to Mr Purandare - C Kulkarni

Purandare treats paintings as a means of thought-provocation. He combines both art and content. His presentation is very uncomplicated. I like his style. - Anand Madaye, Lalit Kala Kendra

Some commitments and some debts are re-invoked. My respect and love to these feelings. The exhibition is like a mirror. Thank you Gratefully yours - Mandar Kulkarni, Lalit Kala Kendra

Even if they are short-lived , everyone strives after pleasure, joy – by ignoring misery. But you cannot be free of pain by running away from it. Truth is certainly very scaring. But one has to confront it. Paintings make us think. Only pain gives rise to creativity. - S Purandare

The content of the paintings is very rich. The use of symbols is wonderful. Titles and write-ups make the paintings easily comprehensible, and still, I feel, there are many more meanings to the painting. - Sukirta Gumaste

All the paintings are beautiful. ‘India Votes’ and ‘Off to kill someone else’s father’ stand out. I could appreciate the paintings more because of the write-up. - Vilas Pathak

The message of the painting reaches the viewer clearly. This is the sign of liveliness of the paintings. Facial expressions in the paintings are very beautiful. It is an unusual and beautiful exhibition. - S Kale

I like the simplicity of the paintings. In them I find the natural reactions to the events around us. I value this naturalness. - Raviraj