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The paintings you are about to see are not all decorative. They try to depict the real world around us.

Attempt is mainly to document collective miseries of peoples and investigate social pathology behind the misery. The dominant political discourse today is dictated by the state, market and media - none bothered about the weak. The alternative to this discourse seems to drift towards being self-obsessed - hedonist, reclusive or esoteric. So there is a need to reiterate that hunger, poverty and violence still afflict a vast majority of humans in the world.

The paintings endeavour to state this problem. They will have served their purpose if they make you pause and think.

Thanks for your visit.
C. K. Purandare
C K Purandare comes from India, divides his time between there and Britain. He is educated as a metallurgical engineer and a sociologist. He is a self-taught artist and a social commentator.
Until moving to England in 2009 he was on the editorial board of a Scottish educational magazine - 'Stride'. He writes regular columns for alternative development magazines.
His work has been appreciated by zmag, Open University UK, Medha Patkar, Jean Dreze among others.
viewers write
Chandrashekhar, thank you. Thank you for being one of our conscious lot who cares about the world in which you live. Thank you.
Don't ever stop.
Dawn Murphy, Canada

One thing (among others) I find fascinating about your work is the relationship between the paintings and their titles, which I see as witty commentaries on contemporary mores. Your images speak for themselves (that is, in purely formal terms like composition, color etc.), but the titles add to the perception. Instead of narrowing the meaning of what we see (which would reduce the pictures to an illustration of sociological concepts), they create a new space of significance that is up to the viewer to fill. Hope this makes sense to you.
Valerio M, Italy

I really admire that you use your art as statements for your beliefs, it is getting rarer to see this nowadays, I liked them a lot, how they are colorful and seem cheerful but they carry more meaning than meets the eye.
HD, Brazil

Your mind is fascinating. You make always something different, something special. I can't believe that you do it so easy , just like a breath. Your mind is never asleep. How you get that? How you do that?
Anoushka, Poland

Your paintings are an inspiration to me. I hope to learn to express emotion and depth the way you do in your work.
Melanie, USA

I really respect what you do. I am very grateful for all the enlightenment you inadvertently offer me. I won't give up if you don't give up!
Kay Ciesielczyk, USA

You do a beautiful job of making the sadness in the world more graceful.
Lysa, USA

I find your paintings intriguing. To me it seems that they depict very random scenes, but they all have the same melancholic feeling. I read that you want to depict misery in the world, and this attitude of observing and depicting without being to direct, is something I can relate to and appreciate a lot.
Carolin Hansson, The Netherlands

I agree with what you say in the Artist’s Statement above. It's the truth.
Katerina, Russia

Thank you
your work touches me deeply, incredible depth,
glad I found your work

someone recently said to me that we all live in a bubble, it's wonderful when someone, like you, is adamantly absorbed in bursting that bubble, thanks to you.
Eric, USA

...in your depiction of basic issues the mankind faces today... through your paintings... one can discern the difference between the 'use' of art for political message and of art itself becoming a political metaphor...
National Alliance of People’s Movements, India

I think photo-realism [in paintings] tends to get boring, of course extremely abstract paintings tend to become plain decorative. This is why I think I like your paintings so much, because they're not just a scene/portrait/whatever and they aren't so abstract that I get nothing from them.
Katherine Renee Williams, Ireland

…tell the world the Truth…many thanks
Rubina, Egypt

Visual story-telling and cultural narrative in your work are fascinating. Your presentation is utilitarian, there is no ambiguity and the issues you tackle make uncomfortable viewing.
Jayne, UK

I love your work... salamat sa mga obra…in Filipino language... salamat means "thank you"
... thank you for your art
Mark Cea, The Philippines

you are someone who reminds us with talent that our world is not always a fairytale.
Helene Grasset, France

Not only painting for painting, but really interesting social themes.
Ekaterina, Russia

…your work...it's really thought-provoking, and very interesting.. it's so mature!
Malika, Pakistan

Seeing your paintings I feel you are so conceptual and you really think before doing… The political paintings are very eloquent and with a direct and powerful message!
Ana Maria Hidalgo, Chile

…flair for despair
Jessica, Canada

Full of energy
JB, China

you are making a big difference maybe it is not noticeable now or in our lifetime; but you are recording & dealing with subjects that others have been afraid to tackle.
Gloria, Canada

I believe pictures like your are more and more important in a more and more indifferent world!
Nicole, Switzerland

Powerful work and an important sad chronicle of our times in much of your work
Dorothy, Canada

I want to tell you, you have very profound and skillful work. You are doing important work, your messages are thought-provoking, your colors are beautiful, your characters are expressive. Your paintings sing with life. Was very glad to have seen your work.
Victoria Champion, USA

YOU are the kind of artist I always wanted to be….'ll be inspired by you for a long time.
Michelle Lynn, USA

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