Terms and Conditions for sale of artwork

- While every effort is made to keep the gallery updated regarding the status of the paintings - whether sold/under exhibition, etc. it is advisable to check the availability of a particular painting before placing an order. Please send an e-mail to artnondeco@yahoo.co.uk for the same.

- Prices would vary as per the individual requirements of the customer - additional costs towards framed/unframed , packaging , shipping costs, transit insurance , etc. Exact price , therefore, will be given on a firm enquiry.

- Artwork can be shipped within 14 days of receipt of full payment.

- The customer has a 14 day review period and if the artwork is returned, the procedure would be to contact the gallery by e-mail above to arrange pick up of the work. A full refund will be made on the purchase of the artwork after it has been checked for any damage or alterations. The initial carriage paid cannot be returned. However there is no charge for returning the work as long as the work has not been damaged in anyway.

- All the artwork has been framed by the artist as per individual aesthetics of the paintings. Price includes the framed price. However if the customer would like to re-frame it, instructions for dismantling the existing frames can be given. All the frames are easy to take off without touching the artwork.

Please note that copyright remains with the artist at all times. This means that the customer is not permitted to reproduce images of any of the paintings [either portrayed on this website or purchased] for commercial use without prior written consent. However, in case of interest in using one or more of images, please contact the gallery. Requests will always be considered happily.

Internet Copyright:
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All sizes are framed sizes in mm unless mentioned.
Finally, thank you for visiting the gallery and for any purchase you decide to make.
Do visit again, as the gallery will keep on having new work.